Bindrune: Ansuz Sowilo Kenaz

Just a little reminder of a little something that gently tapped me on the cheek this morning. Having been admonished not to be so reclusive about something that is ubiquitous, I expose my doodle for your amusement.

The first thing that strikes me about my arrangement, is Ingwaz and Berkana are staring back at me. That is an interesting pair to have sneak up on a bindrune made for intensity. It doesn’t help that this was inspired by Sol, Venus, and Mercury!

I fixed comments, so fire away!

P.S. I just now noticed, the rune letters spell “ask”. Red herring? Or a different way to look at it?

P.P.S. I also see three Kenaz’s, blocked by an Isa. Talk about Unintended Consequences!

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