Bindrune: ASK Deconstruction & Observations

I’ve received a few emails asking how I put the ASK bindrune together. I suck at teaching, but good at showing, so below is a quick graphic showing how the three runes were assembled. Note that Ansuz was turned over to face left rather than right.

The graphic also shows how Ingwaz and Berkana snuck into the mix. Playing around with this bindrune, I’ve found that if I use the bindrune as a summoning/gathering sigil, the original three runes really gets my forge fire to needed temperatures quickly. But then, if I use the sigil as dismissing/releasing, focusing on the hidden Ingwaz and Berkana instead, the (excess) energies gathered are dispersed, not into the air/aether/wild, but back into where I was sourcing the energies from in the first place.

It’s like drawing water from a river. Once done, the water still untouched in the pitcher is poured back into the river and not wasted down the drain.

There are a few other runes hiding in plain sight. But I’ll leave those up to the reader to explore. There was one question about the 3 Kenaz blocked by 1 Isa. Why I called that a function of the Law of Unintended Consequences. I have a few ideas on that, but I don’t hate anyone enough to try it on them. Just remember, the same hammer that beat out plowshares, also beat out swords.