Do Magick December ’18: Day 22 – A Proposed Complication

After adding the shoal sigil to the mini-book, I placed it under a heavy candle holder, lit a tea light in the holder, said some words, and let the candle do as a candle does overnight. At the beginning of the month, I resolved to keep the unfolding experiment as simple and as quick as possible. (I still have the worry that I’m not doing enough.)

It was my intention to burn the mini-book at the end of the month to release me from any undesired consequences or backfiring results. But now that I’m about to start the final seven days of the challenge, I’m thinking about making a sturdier, more polished mini-book to keep as a permanent talisman instead of a thirty-day throwaway.

For a while I toyed with adding a fourth sigil to the mini-book by encircling a personally known apotropaic sigil, I realized that perhaps walking around with an active nuke in my pocket probably wouldn’t endear me to the local spirits. So I scratched the idea of adding any more for the time being. I need to deal with the consequences of what I have done already before I start folding in more complications.

The mini-book itself is inspiring me to further shenanigans in other ways. What if a person were to have a book of spirits, a grimoire, and in that book have entered various seals, symbols, and signatures of the spirits that person had established relationships with. And what if that person were to make a mini-book containing only the seals of those spirits who have consented to having their seals carried by the person in such a manner, so that when the person was away from their tools and the bulk of their paraphernalia but will in need of a spirit’s assistance, could pull out the mini-book and do what they need to do with the spirit’s seal being present and ready. That would be pretty neat.

(I know I’m not the first person to have that idea, but it’s new and novel to me, so allow me to enjoy myself as I continue to confirm that I have no sense or instinct of self-preservation.)

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