For Sale: Sak Yant book

UPDATE: The book went to an appreciative reader and I can now rest easy knowing that it will neither be pulped nor ignored. I have no other copies to distribute.

ORIGINAL TEXT: I had chased after this book when I had more money than sense and was chasing a dream that I now realize has nothing to do with me. So here I am, six months and a zip code removed from the delirium and I realize that I will never do anything with this book or the information contained therein.

I considered donating it to the local library, but let’s be real about what the library is likely to do with the book. I bought it so it wouldn’t be pulped after the copyright fiasco in Europe… and it’s a good chance that without any interest from the county’s library patrons, it’s going to be sold for just that after a year or two. (San Bernardino County isn’t exactly a hotbed of occultism.)

So I’m offering it to y’all for $75, including shipping, as is. Yes the shrinkwrap is gone, however this edition did not have any of the inserted goodies that I was previously hoping for. (Why is another rant and a half and the first slap in the face showing me that I was chasing someone else’s dreams.)

If you need to see other parts of the book or want more pictures, contact me and I will do what I can for you. If you are in Southern California, I may be able to meet with you in person, in a public place, during reasonable daylight hours on the weekend for an exchange. Click the pictures to see the full size (4096×3072) image.

The black Front Cover of the book Sak Yant. It has the title of the book and a tattoo image stamped in foil. The Rear Cover of the book Sak Yant. It has an elaborate tattoo diagram stamped in foil. The bottom edge of the spine of the book Sak Yant. The edge is dented in. The edges of the book Sak Yant. It shows the cover is slightly bent and does not sit flush against the pages.