About Keri

About Keri: I have no lineage, tradition, nor history to brag about. I have no secretive tome, antiquated relic, nor treasured hand-me-down to display. My identity shifts from reader to reader, as each one constructs the mask each one wishes to see.

Just don’t be surprised when the mask fits unevenly.

About Keri’s Dreams: A dream is any event (usually) not occurring during a full waking state. For the sake of simplicity, I tag all recorded experiences while in “altered” states as dreams on this blog. I have found the distinction between hallucination, dream, and vision to be a muddy one. I’m a lucid dreamer, after all.

About Keri’s Teachings: There aren’t any. 404 – Not Found. I am not a teacher. I have no students. I am not a guru. I have no house.

About Keri’s Services: Those looking for tarot readings may be interested in Noxporium.

About Keri’s Social Media Presence:

“I heard you talk to gods. Would you run a message for me?” Nope. I don’t have access to all divinities, and what access I do have is not to be bartered for.

“I had this funky dream last night. Would you interpret it for me?” Nope. Dream interpretation is as individual as people having dreams, and heavily dependent on the cultural references of the dreamer. What is a symbol of hope to one person is a symbol of destruction to another.

“Could you tell me about $CulturalReference?” Chances are, I can’t. I can only speak of the culture I’m from, and if you’ve followed me for more than a week, it should be clear what my opinion of that culture is.

“Didn’t you used to be a Lokean? Are you still Heathen?” I once claimed the label, but I realize it never applied. I no longer serve Loki. I never was Heathen, and doesn’t look like I’ll be any time this lifetime.

“I’m looking for someone to perform a working for me.” Not for hire.

“Do you curse?” Yes.

“Are you a witch?” No. There was a time when I would have said I wasn’t because I’m neither Wiccan, Neo-Wiccan, nor Wicca-adjacent. And I’m still not. But other things have happened that placed me squarely in a “witch” category (among other things) even though the only thing I’m doing that can be called traditional is breathing. So while the single word answer to this question is now “yes”, to be honest, it’s very fucking complicated as hell (pun fully intended) and my actual answer to this question is this: Define “witch”.

“But you are pagan, right?” No, I am not pagan.

“For an apostate, you sure talk a lot about Christ and saints…” Heh. Still an apostate. And I ain’t done talking shit, yet. Yes, I have learned a lot about Christianity since I walked away, but whether or not I appear Christian to you has shit to do with what I’m doing. (And to be honest, there’s a lot of “Christians” that has shit to do with Christ in the first place, but this is an About Keri page, not a Keri Bitches About Her Favorite Pet Peeves page.)

“What’s this about a Lemon Goddess?” A private joke amongst friends that leaked out to the public.