Do Magick December ’18: Day 15 – An Unsettling Settlement

Doing nothing yesterday paid off as I was able to jump into the schedule first thing this morning. What should have been a pleasant stop for an errand became uncomfortable as I identified another of my shortcomings that I may need help settling.

It was my hope to have a third seal to add to the mini-book by the end of the day. But first I have to not only identify a need that a seal could resolve, but if to use a seal or sigil already made or design a seal specially for that purpose.

As the day went on, I realized that the problems I have identified after making the time-management seal are problems that would actually be exacerbated by the application of magic because the magic would go well for mitigating the symptoms but absolute shit for the actual problem.

All the ruminating, plotting, and undermining of my relative position of safety was itself cut short in the evening. As I had mentioned at the start, I’m making a very “low fruit” goal of the DoMagick challenge this month as I had other magical obligations already underway and didn’t want to spread myself too thin.

All I will say of the evening is that one of those obligations turned hot with very little warning and an absolute lack of subtlety.

After things were settled, I could only sit down and laugh. What had happened was definitely scary, and while I would like to point to the SATOR Square as the source for being able to deliver without fear, I also know that previous efforts on my part to deal with that particular fear was paying off.

That didn’t stop the time-management seal from making me uncomfortable when I dallied past my appointed bedtime as I made sure all was safe to turn my back on.