Do Magick December ’18: Day 17 – Keeping to the Work

In terms of active magic, there were none today. In terms of personal responsibility, I can see where I have adapted to the influences of the time management seal, and my personal historical inertia is attempting to assert itself and negate the seal.

I’m now at a point with the seal where I have to start making a daily conscious choice to work with the seal to get things done instead of just relying on its presence to make the hard choices for me.

And I wonder if that’s not the point.

There is a popular idea that successful magic changes things at the most base and fundamental level possible. Once that magic is in place and has proven its effectiveness, there is no thing else left for the magician to do.

What I’m seeing is that successful magic creates opportunities for change to happen. But it is still the responsibility (and perhaps, the requirement) of the magician to seize that opportunity and put it to good use.

Successful Work doesn’t eliminate work, it requires it to be sustained and continue.

I’m beginning to understand now why the SATOR Square, a passive a device as possible, is successful in helping me deal with “normal” fearful situations, but for the time-management seal to continue having a positive effect, I have to make the willful decision to lean into those effects and build upon them each time I have the opportunity to do so.

(I also have the opportunity to give myself a break and take a rest when it is opportune to do so, which is also something that the seal forced me to be aware of.)

This rumination led me to give up seeking to add a third sigil or seal to the mini-book for now. It would be very easy to chase after something new and allow it to distract me from all the needed work (and Work) that the time management seal has made me aware of.

(Now I just need to get over the fear of appearing weak and/or lazy to you, dear Reader. But that’s another thousand word rant for another day.)