Do Magick December ’18: Day 18 – Notes About Nothing

As the work day went, I thought hard all day about which individual desire in the June Shoal Sigil to spin out and turn into a dedicated sigil of its own. The effort proved fruitless as of the ten component desires, four are fulfilled nearly every day anyway and the other six are not as independent as I first thought.

The day turned over on itself and not soon enough all too soon I was headed home. Once at my table, I looked over again the component list of desires and concluded that they were so interlocked with each others, that even the four that already occur could not be removed from the shoal without negatively affecting the others should I attempt to create a new shoal.

I will admit, I was disappointed with myself for not being able to devise a new seal or sigil for the mini-book. It’s not called a DoMagick Challenge for nothing, right? I reminded myself that sometimes sitting still can be a challenge and it’s better to leave working things alone to work unobstructed.