Do Magick December ’18: Day 2 – Just The Usual

Why would I need a talisman that repels fear? Because I am a fearful person and fear is crippling when running amok and unchecked. Fear ties my hands and makes me unable to process non-threatening information.

Unwarranted fear pisses me the hell off, actually. Which is why I picked this talisman to use for the month. I know how easy it is to fall into a spiral of fear, doubt, and uncertainty just by getting up in the morning and I really don’t need any extra pushes from my work environment.

So after all the excitement of making the talisman yesterday, and even going so far as to light a tea-light candle and set it on top of the mini-book to boost it, I almost forgot to put it in my purse this morning before going to work!

And once I got to work, nothing unusual happened. Which was very disappointing until I sat down and reviewed the day.

Nothing unusual happened.

I am glad I made the mini-book as I do have ideas for the unused pages. How about a little something to keep guests from monopolizing my time when they come in to ask about “one quick question”? How about a little something to make me invisible to office guests who come in to gossip? How about a little something to give me space from other coworkers?

Attitude sweetener? Task focus? Falsehood dissolver? Obstacle remover? No line for the women’s bathroom? How many everyday problems have I just accepted as unavoidable because I thought them to be too insignificant to throw magic at?

How many types of magic did I consider to be too insignificant to actually use?

The day ended as softly as it began with nothing unusual on the drive home. I plan to run this week with only the SATOR square in the mini-book. It is too soon to make any declaration about its effectiveness. We’ll see how it fares after some important meetings that always rattle me even when things are going well.