Do Magick December ’18: Day 20 – Promises, Promises

I promised myself that today I would have time to take care of everything I needed to take care of, including the drawing out of the shoal sigil to be included in the book.

I will cross heaven and hell to keep a promise for someone else, but I am absolute shit for keeping promises to myself. I know the reason why, and that is not a matter of public pontification. Instead, I’ll just note that this wasn’t the only let-down I gave myself today.

As I sit and look at the large number of “To Do” items that will not be checked off the list, I wondered if the time-management sigil had run out of juice or if there was a need to transform the passive sigil into an active one.

But when I considered what I was able to accomplish today and the time that was eaten up by surprise priorities, I feel that the sigil is still working as intended. My problem is not (only) failure to expect the unexpected.

I’m setting myself up for failure by scheduling too much in the first place.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as much of a clusterfuck as today and I’ll be able to get the shoal sigil drawn and pasted.