Do Magick December ’18: Day 23 – An Idle Day

The problem with “Set & Observe” operations is that observing can be boring to do, boring to ponder, and even more boring to report. And yet, that is my report for the day as the passive sigils didn’t have anything to overtly influence. As I don’t “do” Christmas, today has been more of an extended weekend than anything else. The day passed quietly and peacefully, which is the gift I have been needing for months if not years.

So far I have (re)learned that passive magic works slowly, and can be easily overcome by a stubborn insistence to resist it if you are aware that it has been set. I have been watching myself accept the assistance of the SATOR Square without complaint (and even leaning on it a few times) but stomping my feet and all but flipping off the time management seal because what I should have been doing wasn’t what I wanted to do at the time.

Each day has been a conscious decision about what to do in the available time. I can’t blame or credit the sigils for my failures and/or successes. They are passive tools, like the clock and the pen, that only have an effect when I am willing to use what they offer me. If I’m determined to sleep the day away, I find I can ignore the undercurrent of time awareness to get that damn good nap in.

Perhaps if I schedule a nap time on the calendar, I’ll defy it and do something productive instead. Nah! Too easy!