Do Magick December ’18: Day 24 – Time Enough?

Of the three things that were on my To Do list this morning (not counting coffee), the first one fell flat because I realized that it is a calendar sensitive task that can only be worked and completed on a Saturday. The second took longer to do than I had anticipated. And the third will have to wait until the second one is completed.

With that exception, the conditions that the mini-book was assembled for did not happen so there was no opportunity to observe any effects. However, the failure to complete the three tasks today (which in hindsight would have been impossible anyway because of the resources needed) has reminded me that I will only have a three day work week.

Tomorrow, I intend to begin the day (after coffee) with the recitation of the latin inscription of the time-management seal and a declaration that this is the season to be productive in a positive manner. I think I’ve waited for the tide to come in long enough.

Time to set sail.