Do Magick December ’18: Day 25 – Limitations

I took some time before the work day actually began to retrieve and open the mini-book to the red time management seal. I read and spoke the latin words written in it as solemnly and softly as I could in the office. I then put the mini-book back in my wallet and began the day with purpose and vigor.

So of course, the day went to shit.

The seal’s purpose is to ensure that I do the things that need to be done in the time allotted to do them. The seal has no power against others who insert themselves into my time and allot it to themselves.

I did not have as many clients entering my office unannounced, but it was enough to prevent me from completing all the things I wanted to do.

After work, I came home and started my scheduled personal shenanigans. As few things went and many things didn’t, the waking day ended with the realization that I was hoping that the time-management seal would release some extremely improbable magic and rearrange each day for optimum completion of desired projects.

I acknowledged that I still have to be the adult in the room and not only do my best under the best of circumstances, but start factoring in the worst and plan for that.