Do Magick December ’18: Day 27 – Making Sure Nothing Happens

Fewer clients came in today, but those that did had stories to tell. Not all of them were concerns I could help with, but only sympathize. Some of the social chit-chat I found myself entangled in were about topics that was out of season now that winter has actually arrived in my area.

I was confused about the timing until I looked over the mini-book and was reminded that I had added the shoal sigil to its pages. I didn’t think the broad targets encoded in the sigil would have a seasonal focus, but the sigil itself was initially created in June. It would appear I wasn’t as broad minded as I thought I was when I formed those lines.

Some of the work goals I’m working on now require work from other folks in the office. With the bulk of my co-workers scattered to the compass points for vacations, I’m stuck in “Hurry Up and Wait” mode.

If I had my druthers together, I would have listened to the prompting of the time-management seal and worked on cleaning up records and checking report data. Instead, I wound up putting out other people’s fires and helping out with new (to them) technology.

In my defense, said metaphorical fire could have led to unrecoverable data loss if not handled properly, so it was the right thing to do even if it meant postponing my personal goals, again.