Do Magick December ’18: Day 3 – Just Passing Through

My participation in today’s work day was cut short due to previous commitments. When I parked to complete the day’s requirements, I took the mini-book out, stilled myself, read the written words, and announced that I would complete the needed tasks for the day without interruption.

I was only there for a few hours, but in that time, I observed just how bad I am at managing time. I did not make any entries in the mini-book, but did make a separate note to look up any seals, sigils, or other items that I could add later with the intent of helping me manage time effectively.

Otherwise, the only thing of note is that nothing notable happened. Which is a notation in itself. The off-site commitment would usually have me anxious for no reason. The work I had to complete after would usually have me anxious for many reasons but only a few of them are justifiable. Instead, it was a pleasant day with nothing to write about.

Tomorrow is a somewhat major day that will be good for testing the mini-book talisman and my patience. We’ll see how it goes.