Do Magick December ’18: Day 4 – Quietly Surprised

The work meeting that usually happens every Wednesday didn’t happen today. I am one part disappointed, one part surprised, and one part not surprised in the least. The day passed with a bit of pressure but not so little that I could say it was unusually light.

Holding it is a comfort, but that is most likely a matter of faith than a matter of effect, which is the main reason why I wanted to wait until next week before adding to the mini-book. I’m expecting the actual effect to be very soft and subtle to the point where I’ll be second-guessing each observation.

I did not recite the phrase copied from the Headless Rite today. I did not feel the need to. The rain kept most of the sources of antagonism away. The day’s tasks rolled from item to item just enough to keep me busy, but not so much that I feel the need to pull the brakes.

(I’m still going to add something for time management on the weekend.)