Do Magick December ’18: Day 9 – Time Managed

I go through all that trouble to make straight lines and what happens? I’m late for work. I commute quite the distance, though, so I didn’t get in trouble about it. What was interesting was that why I was late for work was very much visible and obvious. It’s a thing I could make time for, but was often thwarted by other things out of my power so I just gave up and went as I could as best as I could.

There is a season for everything, but the onus is still on me to take advantage of that season.

Just shrugging and saying there’s nothing I can do because nothing I have done so far works, isn’t a solution. It’s a surrender.

What drove the point home is a little event that happened once I arrived at work. My computer crashed and the calendar widget would not load. It froze the system to the point where the computer auto-booted itself. At that moment, I realized I had forgotten the 2019 work calendars I had bought for my office in the trunk of my car. So rather than wait out an ice age as the computer ran through self-checks, I went to get the calendars.

When I arrived back in the office, the computer had completed its self check and the calendar widget was on the desktop like nothing ever happened.

As I considered the irony of having created a seal for time management and then being effectively managed by time itself, I acknowledged that a good part of my problem with time management isn’t lack of time. But a lack of prioritizing how to use the time I’m given.

I had a good laugh, put the calendars away for next month, and went on with my day in peace.