Do Magick June ’18: Day 10 – Letting The Momentum Carry Me

The reason I went “light” for the DoMagick challenge is because I’m going “heavy” with another personal set of challenges elsewhere. The two overlapped as my body slept very well for the night, but my mind was a whirlwind of reflection, activity, and experiences.

Coffee, then yoga, then a satisfying breakfast. Some chores, some play, some tending to duties. I did a lot of “here and there” actions, of which having a lazy ass moment was required because it is the weekend.

But for actively firing off the shoal sigil, very little was done.

The goals of the shoal sigil are not items that need to be focused on each and every single moment. That kind of obsession is not good for magic and not good for myself. The whole purpose of the shoal sigil is to rely on the momentum and little touches that comes from those actions that were going to happen anyway, after all.

I still annoyed myself when I realized I had kept myself too busy to think about That Thing I Want™ or how to make it A Thing I Have™.

Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.