Do Magick June ’18: Day 12 – File Under Completed

Coffee… good.

I skipped out on some opportunities to fire the shoal sigil for an extra burst of “good cheer” at work, and work went as I could expect for it. But I did that on purpose, as one person’s cheer is another person’s misery.

Enforcing boundaries sometimes means pissing people off.

One of the private goals came closer to realization not by the addition of extra assistance, but by the removal of an unnecessary burden. It is a good reminder to remain vigilant for the unexpected whether for magical or mundane purposes.

As the afternoon slipped into evening, the sigil began firing itself again. Something would happen related to one of the ten goals, and I would “see” an afterimage of the sigil with my mind’s eye. Perhaps that momentum thing is taking hold after all.

Otherwise, the day is as the day was, and now the day is done.