Do Magick June ’18: Day 22 – A Day Like Any Other

Friday came and went without anything spectacular happening, for good or for ill. I had a big personal project coming up the next day and my thoughts were out of sync with the calendar because of it.

Morning coffee and yoga still carried the sigil’s momentum for the day. I finally accepted that the (very) low-probability goals of the sigil were not going to happen in the next eight days unless an even lower probability event was going to happen. (No deceased strangers have willed me their estates in mysterious gratitude and haven’t hit the lottery thus far.)

If the next eight days are going to be “just like any other” then why keep firing the sigil? After all, I was having morning coffee and yoga before I even drew up the sigil, and I will likely continue to have morning coffee and yoga after the month ends. The wardrobe issue is a problem solely of my making and solely of my solving. My personal good cheer is my responsibility to cultivate or ignore, so why am I leaving it to magic to fix something that simple work would make moot?

Because why not? Because what is the magic of the sigil harming if “it does nothing”, and on the off chance that the improbable happens, how much better would things be then?

Yes, I am doing what I can, as I can, to advance the goals of the sigil without the use of magic. And I am also reminded that the desires of last year’s sigil, even though I was not able to follow through with the class, still came to pass with only one of those ten desires being completed the year after instead of the year of.

The day’s report officially consists of: “Coffee. Yoga. Ignored the haters. Lifted the heart of a sorrowful person. Fiscally responsible. Made plans for clothes shopping on the weekend. Ate well.” I did not touch on all ten goals, but I kept going. And in the end, that’s what matters.

Keep going.