Do Magick June ’18: Day 23 – Out Of Sight

It is good that I keep my alarm clock out of literal arm’s reach at night. I think I would have put an unplanned ventilation port in the wall otherwise. Why. The Hell. Did I plan to get up before dawn on a Saturday? As I move the shopping and action list off the alarm clock to silence it, I am reminded why.

Oh. Okay. Fired the shoal sigil prior to morning yoga, and again prior to and in thanks of my daily coffee. As I plotted out my waypoints for the wildest of goose chases ever, my daughter asks if she could ride along as one of my waypoints is also one of her weekend targets. I work full time and she is a college student, so the weekends are often the only time we can speak in depth with each other.

Or in this case, plot together.

She knows I’m “wooish”, that I sometimes read tarot cards and sometimes work magic with tarot cards. She knows I’m usually “up to some shit”, and that there have been times in the past where that “shit” was to protect her.

However, she knows nothing of the shoal sigil I have been throwing liberally this month. So she doesn’t know why I almost choked on my coffee when she declared that because of how heavy work has been on me lately, she would be my designated “Good Cheer Dispenser” for the day.

Something something momentum something.

Cheer was had even though the day and my plans went to shit. What was supposed to start at two in the afternoon did not actually begin until nine at night. As a result of having to hyperfocus on the Very Important Task™, I promptly forgot all about the shoal sigil until shortly after midnight when all was done and it was time for bed.

Even then, it wasn’t until I was actually in bed with the lights off that I thought about it. I told myself that I would visualize the sigil with intention of “Restful Sleep”.

I got as far as remembering the shape of it and then it was morning.