Do Magick June ’18: Day 25 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Still sick, day two. Coffee. Yoga. Contemplation of certain life choices. Not enough to stop me from going to work, though. The contradictory signals from my superiors, my peers, and my subordinates kept me confused all day long.

I was braced for someone to tap me on the shoulder at any time to escort me off the property.

Not for nothing did I encode “Work Support” into the shoal sigil. I’m odd person out for more than just my extra-curricular activities. I just wish I knew where I stood with the people that mattered.

Towards the end of the day, I wondered if I had somehow encoded the intent backwards as instead of being supported at work, I wound up supporting everyone else.

On the way home, I realized the only way I’m going to have a breakthrough at work is if I have a break down. Whatever was still remaining from my food sickness must have agreed with great fervor as from the moment I got home, I was reenacting Saturday’s malaise with Monday’s cruelty.

It was with great relief I finally felt safe enough to go to bed, pausing only to draw the shoal sigil over the bed with intention of “Restful Sleep”.

I dreamt of work.