Do Magick June ’18: Day 27 – Luck Doesn’t Wait

Coffee. Yoga. Looked at the lottery ticket I had bought last week and had forgotten about almost immediately.  Resolved to check the ticket at lunch and stuck it in my pocket.

Some days, if I don’t make my own luck, I have no luck at all.

A series of meetings at work was cause for me to work drawing and/or visualizing the shoal sigil at every possible chance I could get and more so I could keep a bubble of good cheer around. It was the kind of day where you had to choose between slapping some sense into some folks or keeping one’s paycheck.

I kept being reminded of the proper perspective to take at work. That even though I have input and influence over some of the committees and even a few directors, I still have no ownership of those committees and boards. I’m still the advisor sitting against the wall. Ready to advise when asked but not in command.

The lack of a formal exercise hour was made up by the near constant travel between the meetings, the desks, the walk-ins, and whatever wild goose chase the board was sending me on for last microsecond information instead of reading the carefully assembled packets prepared for them.

Who. Bitter? Me?

But you’re not here for the craziness that is Board Session Day™. You’re here for the magic.

But that is the magic. It’s drawing the shoal sigil over my face for a boost of “good cheer” before turning the corner to face a homeowner I’d like to shoot into the sun, in pieces.

It’s realizing that if I want a certain thing, I’m going to have to save up for it and research possible vendors the hard way and use magic to open the doors I need open sooner.

It’s using my regular morning coffee to continue the momentum of getting up in the morning and bitching profusely going about my day.

Am I giving up on the bigger, less probably goals of the shoal sigil? In a way, I am, in that I am not expecting them to materialize in the next three days. But in a way, I’m not. I’m still working towards them, but with the understanding that it’s going to take longer than I thought.

And after all I’ve been through, I’ll take any excuse to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

(I didn’t remember the lottery ticket until the end of the day when my purse fell over and the ticket fell out.)