Do Magick June ’18: Day 29 – Mad? Good!

The early start meant skipping yoga. But it will take a disaster to make me skip my coffee. Drawing the shoal sigil in the air with the full coffee mug requires attention and wakefulness so not to spill a drop. Life hack: Use your weaknesses to draw out your strengths. By the time I had completed the gesture, I was definitely wide awake.

The atmosphere at work was magnitudes better than the entire week combined. A situation I celebrated by invoking the shoal sigil for “Good Eats” and spoiling myself at lunch. A medium-rare ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes is a reason to celebrate and a celebration both.

As this is the last workday for the DoMagick challenge, I look back and am very surprised how much “Work Support” dominated the notes. I was expecting a small response, along the lines of people not stealing my letter openers and such. But in hindsight, I really did need the avalanche of actions that poured over me this month.

I also learned how to weaponize “Good Cheer” as an attitude bomb and damn right I am going to take advantage of that going forward. *victory sign* A very bitter, very acrimonious homeowner descended into my office with intention of taking out all of her distaste of her neighbors upon me and to declare that she was not going to do what she was contractually obligated to do. I blasted the shoal sigil not for intention of dialing her attitude down, but for keeping my presence up.

People are as people will be, after all. And it is my responsibility to choose how to respond to them, not to force them to behave how I wish they would.

Two hours later, she was apologizing for being so mean and rude to myself and my staff, confirming her responsibilities even though she didn’t like them, and promising me that she would make an effort to not be so bitchy assuming of other people’s circumstances.

That’s my win for the day and I’m claiming it.

I didn’t push myself to consciously pull the other encoded desires to me this week as my private shenanigans are completely taxing my reserves. I’m feeling very 9 of Swords “Strength in Reserve” right now and need to hold myself together for a weekend of interesting events.