Do Magick June ’18: Day 30 – Last Call

The last DoMagick challenge I participated in triggered a series of events that led to me having a ten-thousand dollar war-chest at one point (one of last year’s “Low Probability” sigiled desires even to the dollar amount) and then spending that war-chest to obtain and furnish an apartment for my daughter and me in secret until the actual day of the moveout came.

This DoMagick challenge is ending quietly and boringly. Which, when compared to the other (unpublished) shenanigans I have going on in my life at the moment, is very much okay! This month’s personal goal was not about trying to overshadow what I did last time. It was about being consistent and staying true to a daily practice of some sort.

Which I did. Even when it hurt. Even when I hurt. The momentum kept me going, kept me here. I still keep forgetting to check the lottery ticket I bought. And there is still a chance that the “Low Probability” desires may just pop into existence and surprise me.

But I still have coffee. And I still do my yoga. And I still make the conscious choice to be kind to others. I found out I’ll be receiving a (modest) raise effective today, so technically the desire for “More Income” was fulfilled. I have eaten well at times. I have received support at work in ways that will carry me for a long time. I have been so damn cheerful my haters can’t stand it. And overall I have been sleeping better at the end of the month than how I started, despite all the hot mess that’s been in between. So even though some of the other encoded desires didn’t happen, I’m going to count this month as a win.

It’s been good y’all.

Keep going.