Do Magick June ’18: Day 4 – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

So about that reminder not to over fire the sigil…

It was either surround myself with “good cheer” at work or snap at the wrong person at the wrong time. This week is an important one at my workplace, with all sorts of showing off, displays of human kindness, and that sickening carnival atmosphere that comes with persuading people with more money than sense to part with some of that money while being lauded for the generosity of their attention.

Live. Love. Laugh. Lie.

I started the day with sigiled coffee and a plot to concentrate on firing the sigil with the conscious focus of “good cheer” as much as possible. If “a rising tide lifts all boats”, then the greater the amount of happy feels I can generate at work, then the further towards completion and/or perfection the other goals will drift to.

That was the idea, anyway.

There were some moments where I had to fire the sigil after every client meeting. And by firing, I mean closing the door for privacy and drawing the sigil in mid-air not with mere lifts of my finger, but with large chopping motions as I also worked out the stress of the dipshit valued association member who just left upset that I wouldn’t bend the rules as a small yet well-compensated favor that surely would not be forgotten.

Happy, happy, joy, joy. That is definitely a NSFW link and for the love of chocolate, use headphones!

Maybe it was the clients who came in honestly enjoying the activities. Maybe it was the dark humor we shared in the office. Maybe it was gratuitous crop dusting of the nearly constantly activated sigil. Maybe I was looking so hard for “good cheer” that it just had to be found.

The day ended without hurt feelings. However of the other goals, the only other confirmed success was the daily coffee as even the weather conspired to prevent us from having our lunch run.

Ah, well.

For the fifth of June, I’ll leave the sigil alone entirely and remind myself how a “normal” day unfolds.