Do Magick June ’18: Day 5 – Get Out What You Put In

I drew the sigil over my morning coffee to mark off the day as complete, then reminded myself from any further intentional recall, drawing, or envisioning of the sigil.

As a result, I had a Tuesday much like any other Tuesday before the challenge started.

It promptly went to shit.

I didn’t realize how many other wooish bandages I had been deploying at work to help keep me from losing my cool, convincing troublemakers to go elsewhere, or to find files in the archive room that are never found in the cabinet they were supposed to be.

I consciously learned why some of the desires encoded into the shoal sigil were stated the way they were as I was putting the list together. I was reminded that I am too kind a person and I really need to learn when to bitch up and how to moderate that intensity when I do.

So many little bandages deployed so ineffectively. Who was I working for anyway? Myself, my department, or my office? As I noted who benefited most from the bandages, I realized I had managed to place myself last. Achieving my goals will mean allowing others to be revealed as lacking. This was not the time to show one’s ass. This was not the time to be used to cover someone else’s ass.

Late in the afternoon, I decided I had enough and made my decision. I drew the shoal sigil in mid air behind closed doors, focused on the faux image until it glowed and filled the room, then opened the door to allow it to expand into the hall and crop dust all who walked past my door.

It was a relief to use the shoal sigil again. (It is a very lovely sigil to draw.) Personal shenanigans kept me up until very late last night. Knowing that I’ll get at the most, five hours of sleep, I tempted fate by drawing the shoal sigil for a boost of “restful sleep”. (Spoiler, I did not oversleep the next morning and functioned better than I thought I would.)