Dream Denizen: Saturn (planetary)

A close friend of mine, I call him “Pharoah” here, formally introduced me to invoking the planets two years ago. I completely dismissed the idea because of my lack of magickal experience. Didn’t invoking planetary powers require all sorts of props, preparations, and solitude? I lacked all three. He corrected my errors and showed me a way to touch upon the planetary powers using the tarot cards for assistance.

Since doing so, two of the planets have made many stage entrances in my dreams. Jupiter and Saturn. The first time I saw them in a dream, I knew who they were each the personification of even though they looked nothing like the traditional aspects written of and portrayed through lore and art. Jupiter has only made a few appearances, preferring instead to use his messenger.

Saturn, however, is a chatty little girl. Yes. Little. Girl. The gender switch feels like a deliberate act. One that stabs at a tender spot in me, about my own confusions over gender and sex. In trying to describe the overall feel of Saturn’s dream appearance, I could only come up with the tantalizing confusion that is Gothic Lolita.

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Piping Thought

My pipe is going out. It will require gentle obsessive nursing to keep it going. Or I can let it cool and die, only to refill and light it anew on another day.

That’s pretty much where I am at in my life. The “old ways” and habits I’ve used this year are dwindling in effectiveness. Yet I cling to them because they are familiar. It would take much dedication and perseverance from me to make them work. Wasted breath on impotent cinders. Time spent trying to preserve the past, that should instead be used to shape the future.
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Ready for Ignition

Those of you following my tweets are probably wondering why I haven’t just put three dollars on the counter at Walgreens and picked up some tobacco already. If I was breaking in a briar or corncob pipe, I would have done so, and probably would be on the second container. But after not smoking a pipe for seven years, I wanted my return to tobacco to be the pipe I’ve always wanted. A churchwarden. [1]
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Dream: Caught in Stone

I could feel his hands around the stone. Could hear him intoning the words. Deep in my sleep, my dream self began to repeat the syllables as the svart-alf called me to him.

No. Not this time. I will not go. Something was amiss. I had the strong feeling that I should not visit his chamber this night. There was no reason for my sudden mistrust. I have placed myself in his hands many times before without harm. He taught me how to sleep off my migraines, and helped me with a close friend. But now, I am almost to the point of panic.

Dream or no, I was not going to his chamber this night.

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Dream Denizen: Jupiter’s Girl

Certain characters make repeat appearances in my dreams. As they often play key roles in my dream writeups, I’ll detail them under the heading of “Dream Denizen”. Some are mythological figures, some are representations of abstract concepts. Most are magical in one way or another. Some are easy to talk about, some are complete mysteries even after decades of seeing them. (Yes, they can all be considered projections of myself. But I consider the dream world to be just as real as the waking.)

The first dream denizen is a person I have not written of on this blog. Not yet, anyways. But for a few close friends that have suffered my verbal storytelling, she is a oft seen character. I know she was sprung from the tarot, but I feel a faint connection between “Jupiter’s Girl” and the sephira Chesed.

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What happened to Alexandra Nerien?

All the NaNoWriMo updates have been taken off the blog. (If you want to read the version that was posted, drop me a line.) Currently in the process of editing, rewriting, banishing, and despairing over the text. Those of you brave enough to follow along as I wrote it can tell the others I had plot holes large enough to fly the Macross through. The P40 grit rough draft has been cleaned up enough to get a proof copy submitted. My daughter is thrilled she will get to hold her mother’s book. (Yes, she knows this is not the final copy.)

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More Referrer Spam: BlogSurfer.us

Last week I noticed refer spam from BlogSurfer.us. I had written up a vitriolic post in knee jerk response. Reconsidered it, and took the post down. Reconsidered it yet again, and put it back up. Perhaps it will just die off like AlphaInventions did. But after the end of the first week, it had only grown worse. Not finding a means to opt-out, I joined the forums to formally request my blog be taken out of BlogSurfer’s rotation.

That snapshot was taken this morning. The post itself was made December 2nd. “rcondron” is the creator and maintainer of BlogSurfer.us. He answered quite promptly. Because this is a one-man show, I thought it would take a couple of days for him to have time to edit his block list. And sure enough, things did start to die down.

Guess what.
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On Margaret

The name her masters gave her was Margaret. I haven’t been able to find the last name. If her descendants were any indication, she was piss and vinegar until they beat it out of her. They probably trying using rape as coercion but that would only piss her off more. So they beat her until she realized she would never get home.

Instead, she made sure to breed insubordination and unquenchable drive into the bastard children they forced on her.

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