Dream: A Turn of Events

I’ve noticed a trend here. All my dreams start with me waking up from sleeping!


“Corporal! Corporal! What do we do?” Fuck, I was supposed to be sleeping. Why is this private pulling on my sleeve? And where is the sergeant?

“Corporal! We’re under attack!” Okay, I’m awake now. I sit up fully in my chair and glance at the clock. Another two hours before my shift begins.

“Where is the Sergeant?” I’m trying to get my bearings, trying to shake off the fog of sleep and remember what I should do. I leave the chair and get my helmet. “Well, where is he? That bastard better not be shagging another punk bitch!”
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I, Eye

The iris of the Eye of Horus is colors, flashing colors, and the inverse of colors. The pupil of the Eye of Horus is always the inverse of the iris.

I look upon it and the splendor forces me to look away let I am destroyed by the gaze. I look upon it again with my eyes, and again the splendor forces my eyes to the ground. I leave my eyes behind, and can look upon the Eye of Horus clearly. Once I leave my blinded eyes behind, I see my Eye is Blue.
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Dream: So Many Mysteries

Would you believe I have a hard time keeping a magical diary? I found I had so little to write about. Me, not having anything to write. Heh. That may change in the near future.

Earlier this morning, I had the sudden vision of a yoni in the shape of a vesica. Don’t ask me how I knew it was a yoni, I just knew. The sight was overwhelming and it triggered a short lasting fit. I promptly forgot all about it.

Several hours later, feeling “not quite here”, I found myself having another fit and decided to lay down and sleep it off.

Laying down, I used a mental image of the seal’s framework to have something to focus on while getting the rest of my mind to shut the fuck up and take a quick nap. The image suddenly flashed with brilliant colors and I lost all sensation of being connected to my physical self. Neither awake, nor asleep, I surrendered to the hypnagogic state and released myself to whatever mysteries unfolded.

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Dream: To See

My dear companion, open your eyes. Come see, come see, we are near our destination.
Yes, I have stopped the camels. Yes, it is before the dawn. Yes, the air is cold. But now is the time to see.
Here, wear my robe. I feel no chill. Here, wear my sandals. I would walk on air for this.
Leave my body behind.
Let my ka roam free.
For the chance to see.
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Dream: The Apostate

The ride to the cathedral was uneventful. I had dozed off and awoke only when the gentle rhythms of the freeway was replaced by the jerks of the unmaintained road. My friend’s face was very grim. His jaw set as tight as his fists on the leather wrapped steering wheel. It was bothering him that I was coming along. I remember he had spoken his concern before we set off.

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