Dream Journal: 2019-05-12.01

“Are you okay? Do you need to sit down?” The question pulled my attention to the attendant placing themselves in my field of view. I should be concerned that the attendant wore a white featureless mask over their face. I should be more concerned when I realized that wasn’t a mask at all, but that their bone ceramic face had no features. I would have been at least, if I was awake.

Instead, I was thankful for their intrusion as I gained lucidity. I don’t know where my thoughts were headed before they discreetly touched my hand, but now my thoughts were reunited with my awareness and I felt safe and comfortable.

“Ah, no, thank you.” Their hooded robe gleamed brilliantly in crimson red as I took their hand. The more attention I gave the attendant, the more the attendant stood out from the shadows. I clasped their hand in gratitude for the assistance even though I knew the attendant had not done anything special or unique from their duties. “But you can catch me up to what’s happening now. I think I missed an instruction.”

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Dream Journal: 2013-12-16.02

“Madam, is there a problem?” The black robed man hurried down the aisle to me. His face betrayed panic when he recognized who I am.

“I’ve never been in an Anglican Church. I do not know the proper gestures to make before taking a seat.”

The man blinked several times as he processed my statement. “Well. Um. A curtsy to acknowledge that God is Lord of this place would suffice for now.” He took a step back in instinct as he watched my involuntary bracing.

“Hmm.” I remained standing. I have been in many churches since my apostasy. The land and the men have never given me problems. The angels, however…

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