Dream Journal: 2017-04-14.01

I dreamt that I slept. No shit. Straight up, that’s it. My spirit perched on the head board of my bed in the form of a crow and watched my body sleep soundly for eight fucking hours. It returned to my flesh in the microsecond between the phone screen lighting up as the time app marked the hour of the alarm and the sound of the alarm beginning.

I saw my body’s movement quirks and heard 2am farts and waited out the time peacefully and in abiding solitude.

It felt like a preparation and this afternoon I received some news that made me grateful for the down time.

I’m ready. Let’s go.

Dream Journal: 2015-07-28.02

I closed my eyes for five hot seconds…

Super Saiyan Serious Keri is sitting at an overloaded table. Books, charts, and unintelligible notes overflow, mostly into her lap as she makes obscure connections between ideas based on spurious data. Every now and then, two pieces of apparently unconnected data connect, and she learns a little more about how much she doesn’t know.

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Dream Journal: 2012-07-29.01

Dreams without drama! Ah. Mostly without drama anyway. Making the rounds, I had a puppy in tow. Except I know what ke is, and ke ain’t a babe, and ke ain’t harmless, and ke ain’t cute. I called kir out and ke changed shape into an adult Cerberus. “No. I know what you are and there is no reason for you to hide what you are here. Knock it off. Be yourself. I’m not afraid of your form or of what you are. I’ve seen you many times before, remember. You don’t have to limit yourself to appease me. I demand that of all that walk with me.” Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2012-07-29.01”