Ain’t This Some Shit

The dream started as dreams do, with much theoretical randomness made manifest in shapes, sounds, and colors that have as much meaning as white noise. I knew it for what it was and allowed myself to bounce along the glittering and the spiraling with all that glorious Mad Hatter air. But there was a sense of distraction to the entire scene. Much like how one hides themselves from the recent bad news by going to a play.

Well then, I guess I better stop the goofing off and start dealing with this shit. Continue reading “Ain’t This Some Shit”

Dream: Ravenwoman

I had fallen asleep with my headphones on. Intentionally. I had trouble falling asleep lately and using music as a backdrop for light meditation was very helpful in downshifting my mental gears. The plan was to focus on the music until I had gotten my wandering thoughts into a single force of will, then turning off the music and turning over to go to sleep.

We all know what happens to the best laid plans, now don’t we. Continue reading “Dream: Ravenwoman”

Dream: Death & Dancing

At first, there is nothing. I am in the midst of a void, with only my awareness as a companion. Time is nothing here, where ever here is. I panic at first, remembering that once I had 5 senses, and now I have none. It takes an effort, but I force myself to relax. Despite the lack of stimulus, I take comfort in a half-remembered mumble.

“I think, therefore I am.” Continue reading “Dream: Death & Dancing”