Dream Journal: 2012-08-10.01

Much of the night’s dream was spent in that formless and colorful state again. I didn’t complain. Even though as I condensed back into a three-dimensional creature, most of what I experienced there was unable to be brought out with me.

It’s like using pictures to describe running in a track. No matter how much detail you capture, no matter how much depth of field the high speed camera has, there are still minutiae that can never be captured.

Like taking a picture of a rose, taking that picture to someone that has never experienced a rose, and asking the viewer how does it smell. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2012-08-10.01”

The Trespasser

I was sleeping soundly. The collection of bones under me arranged just so to be comfortable and yet sturdy. It took me a second to completely realize where I was sleeping. I opened an eye, and was face to beak with an enormous raven.

“Am I in trouble for sleeping here?” It tilted its head and cawed with a mirthful tilt. “Well, I’m already guilty, and I’m comfortable. If she lights my ass on fire, it wouldn’t be the first time, now would it.” It tilted its head back and cawed more laughter. “Lemme know if I need to get up, then. I’m relaxed, and at peace. I don’t get that often.” It nodded in obvious affirmation. It stood up fully, made a great show of looking around, then pecked me on the forehead. Continue reading “The Trespasser”

Fire & Feast

Hey, I’m at Disneyland! What ever could go wrong?

That I’m at Disneyland is by itself an indicator things are about to get fucked. That the floor of the hotel I’m staying at is on fire, is another indicator. I had a box of juju in that room. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading “Fire & Feast”


The wind teases the trees, making them shiver in delight.
The stars gossip amongst each other, winking in laughter.
My scarf dances about me, though I stand perfectly still.
I had brought the candle with me, but the twirling breeze rejects it.
Keeping me in the dark night, with only a sliver of moon bedding down. Continue reading “Festive”

The Fledgling

I entered the dream walking from the wilderness to the fire before my lair. I was looking forward to getting some sleep and wanted my mind to be as comfortable as my sleeping body in my room. I was met at the fire by Snake, who had been on his own adventures and was resting near the warmth. He coils around me in that snug comforting grip and we laze there for a while. In Snake’s coils, I fell into a deeper sleep.

I feel a great heat surrounding me. My flesh is melting. I open my eyes to see I’m on fire. I sit up to find I’m on a pile of burning bodies. Even though I am engulfed in flames, I feel no pain. I lay back down until I fully understand I am on fucking fire! Continue reading “The Fledgling”

Rising Fire

Settled down. Tucked into bed. At rest feeling the day’s issues slide into the past. Only thinking of the pleasure of sleep. Not considering the troubles that would wake with the dawn. It’s good to rest. To feel the blood in my veins, the air moving in my lungs. Engaged in the symphony of senses. Continue reading “Rising Fire”

Moving On

Set off to pitch a fire, instead found a new home. The svartalf helped me find this place, but only after days of purgings and purifications at his insistence, and by his hand. The cave didn’t look like a natural formation to me, there were too many inconsistencies given the dark granite that formed it. Continue reading “Moving On”

Claiming The Fire

It was easy to get to the foot of the Tree. Above me, the canopy blotted out the stars as it held heavens upon heavens in its boughs. Below me, the roots spread far and wide before descending into the rich earth. I spied little holes here and there. Some were the dens of animals. Some were the entrances to other worlds.

Nearby was one of the pools. I looked at it with a twinge of regret. It was there the Norns had explained my thread to me. In doing so, my past was made clear. For this, I am thankful. But they also showed the trend my thread is being spun around. For this pain, I am also thankful. It will be hard to overcome it, if I choose to try and change it. But that is for another writing. Continue reading “Claiming The Fire”