Spirit Journal: 2016-08-27.01

The hillside spirit barely acknowledges my presence as I throw my Speed Limit + 10mph greeting out the window. (I’m still moving slow. The fast lane is usually cruised at SL+25.) Not surprisingly, really, as the crops under its guardianship are growing aggressively and the workers are often in the fields taking care of business. Continue reading “Spirit Journal: 2016-08-27.01”

Spirit Journal: 2016-07-08.01

Not having a good morning, so on my way to work I asked a land spirit for help. Going to and from work, I pass the earthen thing and praise it because it’s fucking awesome and seeing it always lifts my heart because reasons.

I apologized for asking for help and asked specifically for help to “keep my footing and not allow the blustery winds of assholes and circumstances to blow me down”.

It answered.

My god, it answered. Continue reading “Spirit Journal: 2016-07-08.01”