Dream Journal: 2016-05-22.02

How do you chase lightning? How do you run down the wind? Still having time to spare before having to get up for the day, I sought [Sunchaser] using the confirmed links between us. He’s easy enough to spot when I want to pour one out for him, but actually getting down to business? Tough.

Having exhausted the countryside I huffed in exasperation and turned to go.

The weight of his hand on my forehead brought me to a complete stop. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2016-05-22.02”

Dream Journal: 2016-04-18.01

“Wha cha doin?”

I was seated at a table with copious notes sprawled out over it. Diagrams, charts, and texts with scribbles in the margins were several layers deep. “Trying to figure out a thing.”

“Can I help?”

I looked up. Sunchaser’s black face was split by a wide toothy grin. “Not yet. You’re on my list of things to figure out.”

“Oh. Can I sit with you?”

Like I’m gonna tell a god what he can or cannot do. Oh wait, I do do that. “Behave yourself.”

“I will!” He sat down next to me as my chair turned into a bench. Quietly, he watched everything I did without interruption for the rest of the night.

Never did figure out the thing I was working on.