A Marked Panic

Once upon a summoning, the attending spirit reviewed my protections, noted their efficacy, and told me the one thing they can do to nullify all of them with little or no effort.

«Remember what I told you of the amulet. To negate its protection, all I have to do is make you panic, for in your distress, you will voluntarily remove anything that reminds you of [what was done to you].»

Do Magick September ’17: Day 14 – Snap

A recent (unpublished) operation nearly went due south because I did exactly what I was warned not to do. I panicked and broke the layers in fear of something that upon inspection was not likely to happen after all but from my perception at that time appeared to be an inevitability. I will admit to setting myself up for that because I did not take all due precautions like I should have. My attention was split. I shattered the moment. And as a result, unnecessary marks were made that will never be undone.

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Consider The Ant

Evening chores seem to multiply around here. Since the roommates are off doing whatever they are doing away from the house, I’m watering their plants that they were so keen on getting. That they insisted on plants not suited for this climate is a different rant. One of the flowering plants was originally in a pot set on the ground. When the gophers decided that plastic was only a challenging barrier, the pot was moved to a higher position inside of a concrete decorative planter.

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