Tarot Cast: Wait, what?

Ever have a cast just bug the ever living annoyance out of you? Even though I’ve wrestled this cast down, and fell to its depths even as I swung from its heights, it still bugs the crap out of me.

Legacy of the Divine deck, no reversals.
Read from right to left:

Heh: 3 of Wands | Vau: 0-The Fool | He: 10 of Coins | Yod: I-The Magician

Final Word: XVI-The Tower

I really don’t have a name for the fifth card position. It was spontaneous last night. Those assembled at the table were running on inexplicable instinct. I’ve made my peace with these five cards. But I have that horrid itch to publicly record it. I’ll eventually make a purty pic of it and place it in the Tarot Casts album. Eventually.

(The LofD deck was used, but I swear, when I looked at them, I saw the Thoth cards in their place. That didn’t help matters.)

(P.S. I’d tag a certain person, but that feels like crossing a privacy boundary line. So if that tag is wanted, let me know and I’ll tag ya.)

(P.P.S. Did you know if you look at the Legacy of the Divine Tower card upside down, you’ll see a grinning skull looking at you?)