68 and Counting

Tallied up the feeds I’m tracking with Google Reader. 68 blogs. And I read each and every post they release. Good thing they don’t all post every day. But because I do read them, I’d like to promote them, or at least admit that this plebe can handle the occasional hard word.

~looks at Blogroll to the right~

Hmm. I don’t think listing 68 links there is going to do good.

I considered using a plugin to pull the links from my Google Reader account, but all those I looked at will only feature those that have recent updates. Which pushes those that publish only monthly (or less) in the the nebulous background.

I’m somewhat sleep deprived (again), so I’m going to blather Plan A here. Dwell on it for a few days, then charge forward.

Post all the links on a static page. ~points up~ Next to “Keri’s Q’s & A’s”. Reduce the “Blogroll” to one link that will take you to the static page.

That lets me group the links in a more orderly fashion than one long scrolling list here.

No, you can’t volunteer to be link #69 unless your website is about cooking, magic, interesting, or a combination of those three.

(I haven’t forgotten the Uruz bindrune combo. Uruz + Ansuz + Sowilo. Just haven’t had time to sit and play with it, yet.)