I just found out.

Yes, I know what he did. No, he neither asked nor informed me of his intent or actions.

The matter is on the table in the venue the theft occurred from. We’ll see how it goes from there.

Fixing Things: Trap Card Edition

A crop of the side bar showing the new "Write Keri" link and pointing out Tumblr and Twitter links have been updated. Inspired by the person(s) going through my archives, here’s a UI update for ya. The “Write Keri” page has been returned to use, now with extra spam-fighting goodness behind it. An email and/or website entry is not required unless you want me to contact you privately. Any emails entered in this form will be used only for said contact. The RSS link has not changed, so feel free to use your favorite RSS reader to read from a safe distance.

The Tumblr and Twitter links have also been updated to the handles I am currently using, and will likely continue using because dammit, it just fits me.

About those random blank screens…

The blog did not get hacked. You are not at risk. A plugin update went sour this morning, and while I was able to roll back to a backup, it wasn’t as clean a rollback as I thought it was. I’ll be reinstalling the WordPress backend later in the week and restoring the clean plugins.

My apologies for the mess and the stress on your keyboard’s F5 and/or mouse button as you refresh the browser.

Dream Journal: A Correction

I lie. And this time, I lied at the wrong time and with the wrong words. Y’all know I fudge some things because I don’t have leave to make certain things public. I have a mea culpa to admit to, and a correction to post.

In the first May 27th dream post, I posted a conversation between I and Rummer John after some exposition on the finding of la Baraja Española. In that conversation he dropped some non-English words, as he likes to do, but when I wrote up the public record, I used their English equivalent.

It’s been bugging me all day.

And after looking up the words, and consulting a wise woman or two, I realize I was in the wrong to translate the words. There is a message in that sentence, but that message was not for me, and that’s why it seemed redundant and out of place.

What was posted:

Him: “You walk many nations, and are a citizen of none. Hell, you’re not even mine! But I happen to like sitting at the President’s table. Yes, I like it indeed.”

What he actually said (corrections emphasized):

Him: “You walk many nachons, and are a sitaden of none. Hell, you’re not even mine! But I happen to like sitting at the President’s table. Yes, I like it indeed.”

The original post has been updated. I shall leave it as an exercise to the reader to ascertain why he used those words and what they may mean to the reader.

Your browser can read the blog but your RSS reader can’t? Tell me!

Some RSS readers are being blocked by my blog’s security measures. Most of them are merely guilty of using Google’s AppEngine service. As such, they are sharing IPs with prolific spammers and scrapers that have used AppEngine to start shit with.

I’m trying to determine if the troubles that will come with lifting the IP block is going to be worth it. To do that, I need to know if y’all are having trouble following the feed.

If you are, use the “Write Keri” page, and let me know which reader you are using, and what kind of error message (if any) you are receiving.

Updated: “About Keri”

Updated the “About Keri” page. Really gave it a lot of thought based not only on how I perceive myself, but how I am perceived by others. Gone are the attempts to tell you what I am not. Instead, I just tell you what I am. For now, that is.

About Keri

Some Advice

Warning: Keri is full on bitching and ranting. Proceed at your own risk.

“If you don’t want your sacred cow roasted, don’t let it wander the Internet.”

“There will always be someone that claims to know more than you do, is eager to show how much more, and will do their damndest to convince you that orb of polished shit is really gold.” Continue reading “Some Advice”