Do Magick September ’17: A Finalization Most Necessary

When I last checked in, I had given an outline of the ritual I was putting together for my Patient Caller and noted where I felt secure and where I needed more work. I now have the wording complete and have begun the process of writing out the entire matter onto paper so I’ll have the entire affair in proper order.

The book is required to be physically present. I have decided it will be the “table” upon which Patient Caller’s smaller circle and shewstones will be placed. (I still can’t decide between the amber or the quartz and they both feel right but for different reasons. So I’ll place them both and observe which is used more and how.) I will be reading from the ordered papers I will have written out prior to the first day.

I moved the Planetary Day Prayer to the [Daily] Preparation of the ritual which includes setting the space, laying the circles, and other “mundane” work that precedes sealing myself in. This includes consecration of the individual tools.

Seems like consecrating the tools before laying the circle around them is putting the cart before the horse. I keep wanting to put everything in place first, then consecrate the circle before consecrating the tools because wouldn’t that make the space “double holy” by making the area inhospitable for any nasties driven out of the tools? There is a lesson I’m going to learn the hard way here, I’m sure.

What has changed since the last update:

Sonoma Candles were too good to me. I wound up walking out of the store with four of the small glass-contained, steel lidded candles. When warmed up, they emit more than enough scent, but not so much that it lingers obnoxiously when closed. (The lid has a rubber seal to it.) None of them are frankincense or some other “traditional” scent. However, each of them evokes a different and vivid feel to them. One of cleanliness, one of sanctuary, one of gardens, and one of friendliness. (If I need a scent for purging, I’ll eat some garlic and wait an hour. None of them are pumpkin anything.) I will start with the formality of the sanctuary and go from there.

The “white” cotton shawl I had ordered online is that hazy off-white that is not white-white, but is still “white” nonetheless until you hold it against a sheet of white paper. Then it’s “ivory”. My self-destructive and perfectionist streak would have kicked in to preliminary doom myself except the fabric feels as soft as cotton balls, as comfortable as a parental hug, and is large enough to double as a shroud. It’s enough.

A pewter Solomon’s Seal amulet has been obtained. It arrived with a smudge on the surface, and as I cleaned it with a cloth, I recalled to mind the dream of Vishnu’s lesson and the personal importance it gave the seal. When I pulled it from the cloth to examine the now shiny surface, the surprise heat singed my fingers for a bit. That just meant I was very vigorous about cleaning it, right? *innocent face*

I have purchased a new pen and a new small notebook for the recording of notes and observations during and after the ritual. Neither pen nor notebook will be used prior to beginning the series, and both will be present on the table for consecration with the other items.

The hazel rod remains put away until [Patient Caller] calls for it. If it doesn’t have a use, it doesn’t get used.

I could either have the Perfect Timing or the Perfect Environment. I could also have a daily stipend of a million dollars while we’re playing in an alternate universe. Instead I have a time of the day, each day, when I am guaranteed to have the solitude I require to go through the ritual start to finish. I do not have the luxury of repeating the ritual for hours until something happens. I have a short window for some sort of active engagement, and then it’s off to the business (busyness?) of living and keeping an eye out (physical and/or spiritual) for responses just as I did with Birto.

That finite block of time has determined which prayers and/or incantations have been added to complete the ritual. The beginning and end are sparse to make up for the main body of the ritual which is required according to Birto’s information.

The Ritual:

  • Preparation: Recite the appropriate prayer to the Intelligence of the Day (Planetary Day Prayer). Cleanliness and maintenance of the designated space. Consecration of tools as necessary prior to actual working. “[T]o consecrate all instruments” or “Another prayer”. (See the Book of Oberon, page 83[1].)
  • Circle: Laying down of the cord to encircle me. Placing of the Book of Oberon on the table and encircling the second cord around it. Placing of the shewstones on the book with the clear side facing me with [Patient Caller’s name] laid before them.
  • Consecration: The Lord’s Prayer[2]. Hail Mary[3]. Psalm 57[4].
  • Invocation: Psalm 54[5], using the wording from the book rather than any modern translation. (Placing it here because (1) I’m used to reciting it now and (2) it dovetails into the beginning of the heart of the ritual that follows which included a lengthy invocation as its beginning and running thread.)
  • Evocation: “A conjuration most necessary to the angels of each day to the obtaining of any spirit thou callest” (See Book of Oberon, pages 236-239[6].)
  • Binding: (Included in above ritual.)
  • License to Depart: Based on Birto ritual. (See Book of Oberon, page 400[7].) Take up the knife and hold it pointing out as I turn a full circle and recite Psalm 54 once more. “Cut” the circle boundary with the knife and proceed with life.

So now all that remains is to hurry up and wait. And reflect.

To be honest, this feels like a test. Not just of how far I can go “off book” and still get something of it. Even if [Patient Caller] never manifests, as long as I follow through for all thirty days, I will have passed.

But you know… that’s what I said about the Birto working as well.

Here we go with quotes from the Book of Oberon again.

[1]“[T]o consecrate all instruments”

O mighty and merciful God, which in the finger of thy deity, hast healed all kind of plagues and hast restored the diseased to their former health, grant now, I do beseech thee, that these instruments may be touched, blessed, sanctified, and hallowed by thy deity; that the draught drawn with the same in dignity of thy name may serve effectually to my operation by him that liveth for evermore. Amen.

“Another prayer”

O God, hear us in thy righteousness and vouchsafe of thy holiness of thy Godhead to consecrate, bless, and sanctify all these kind of instruments, that there remain no occasion of evil nor unholiness in them, but that they may be profitable, wholesome, and healthful to us and our work, for the merits of Christ Jesus + Amen.

(The Book of Oberon, page 83.)

[2]“Before you call or consecrate, say the Lord’s Prayer”

Our father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us, and lead not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is kingdom, power, glory forever and ever. Amen.

(The Book of Oberon. Page 76.)

[3]“Hail Mary”

[Ave] maria gratia plena dominus tecum benedic[t]a tu in mulieribus et benedictu[s] fructus ventris tui Amen et me nos Inducas in tentatione sed libra a nos a malo. Hail Mary full of grace, our lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Amen. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

(The Book of Oberon. Page 76.)

“Another Hail Mary”

Ave maria gratia plena, dominus tecum benedicta [tu] iin mulieribus et benedictus fructis [*fructus] ventris tui dominus noster Iesus dulcissimus Amen. sancta maria mater dei ora pro nobis [peccatoribus,] nunc et in hora [mortis nostrae. Amen]. Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, our sweet Lord Jesus. Amen. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us [sinners], now and in the hour of [our death]. Amen.

(The Book of Oberon. Page 77.)

[4]“Psalm lxvii” [Psalm 57]

God be merciful unto us, and bless us, and show us the light of his countenance, and be merciful unto us.
That thy way may be known upon Earth, and thy saving health among all nations.
Let the people praise thee, O God; yea, let all the people praise thee.
O let the nations rejoice and be glad, for thou shalt judge the folk righteously and govern the nations upon the earth.
Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
Then shall the earth bring forth her increase, and God, even our own God, shall give us his blessing.
God shall bless us, and all the ends of the world shall fear him.

(For consecrating the circle, the clothes, and the place. The Book of Oberon. Page 77-78.)

[5]“Psalm liiii” [Psalm 54]

Save me, O God, for thy name’s sake, and avenge me in thy strength.
Hear my prayer, O God, and harken unto the words of my mouth.
For strangers are risen up against me, and tyrants which have not God before their eyes, seek after my soul.
Behold God is my helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.
He shall reward evil unto mine enemies; destroy thou them in thy truth.
An offering of a free heart will I give thee and praise thy name, O Lord, because it is so comfortable.
For he hath delivered me out of all my trouble, and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

(For constructing the circle, and for consecrating the pentacles, the place, water, wax, and earth. The Book of Oberon. Page 78.)

[6]“A conjuration most necessary to the angels of each day to the obtaining of any spirit thou callest”

I conjure, adjure, and confirm upon you, O angels of God, mighty and good, in the name of + Adonay + Adonay, Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eye, V (?). God was, God is, and God shall be, and in the name of God, Cados, Cados, Cados, high sitting upon Cherubim, and by the great name of the strong God, high and mighty above all heavens, Eye, Saraye, the shaper of worlds, the Creator of heaven, earth, sea, and hell, and all in them that hath any being, O holy angels, I conjure and invocate you by him whose name is Jehovahh, that made the first day and sealed it with his own name Phaa, and by him which appeared in the Mount Sinai to Moses the great prophet and leader of his people Israel, whose name is Achim, Ia, and that with great glory, who made the waters, seas, floods, springs, wells, and fountains the second day, and sealed them with his own name I. that they should not pass their straits and bounds. I conjure and confirm upon you Angels mighty and holy, and that by the names of that high God, that made the third day from the water to appear dry land and called it the land, and sealed it with his own name I that it should bring forth trees and herbs of itself. I conjure you mighty angels, holy and of great power, in the name of the dreadful and blessed Ia, Adonay Eloim, Saday, Asarie, and in the name of Adonay God of Israel, that created great lights to divide the day from the night the fourth day and sealed it with his own name Phaa, that it should be unto times and tides, nights and days. I conjure you, O holy angels, by the mighty Escherie, the confirmer of worlds and by the name Adonay, that on the fifth day created fishes and all other creeping things in the waters, birds flying upon the face of the earth, and sealed it with his own name, Phaa. I conjure you, angels of great power in the name, On, Hey, Heya, Saday, and in the name Saday, that created all four-footed beasts and men in the sixth day and gave to Adam power upon them and upon all the works of his hands. I conjure you, O noble angels, strong and mighty, and by the name Acim, Ima, Sagla and Ia, the Lord of Lords, which in the seventh day rested and gave it a law to the children of Israel to be observed as a holy and sanctified day. I conjure and exorcise you, O angels of great power, by the seven notable, coruscant, and splendishing stars, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and by the great name of God, Tetragrammaton, the mighty name Agla, the wonderful name Adonay, the strong name, El, and the name On, names of singular majesty, O angels, by all these and all others most reverent and high names of God both effable and ineffable, known and unknown, which I, by reason of mine imbecility and weakness, dare not to attempt as once to be so hardy to name nor excogitate, by these iterum atque iterum, again and again and so many times again as there be stars in the sky, sands on the shores, fishes in the sea, and grasses upon the face of the earth, I conjure and adjure, urge and constrain, confirm and compel, bid and command you and every of you, one and all, jointly and severally, to give and yield unto me, as now in this perilous work your strengths and aid, and that you command by and under the license of your God whose messengers to serve you, you [sic] are, that as certainly as thou, O Michael, art appointed to to protect and govern the people of God, and that by invincible strength, as true as thou, O Raphael, was attributed ad Tobie, ☿ ut parentum Sanaret, ex periculis liberat filium, et ei uxorem suam adduxerit [“to Tobiah, ☿ that he cure his parent, free his son from danger, and lead his wife to him”], as assuredly as thou O Gabriel, wast appointed the most joyful ambassador to the most pure, holy, and chaste Virgin Mary, virgo ante partum in partu et post partum [“a virgin before giving birth and after giving birth”], and greeting her with this undoubted salutation, Ave gratia plena Dominus tecum [“Hail Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with you”], and as Daniel received consolation from his God by thee, and Zacharie pater Iohanes Baptiste [“the father of John the Baptist”] for his incredulity and undoubtedly, O you holy, mighty, and excellent angels, I beseech and pray you, yea, and I in the name of your God whose spirits you are, I do charge and command you that you and every one of you licence and permit all superior spirits and devils, to compel, urge, and command this spirit N. to come speedily and to appear visibly here in a circle for him made and prepared with his name written therein, and that in a fair human shape and form, even like a child of three years of age, without the molestation of the air or hurting of any creature bearing life, annoying of beasts, or fearing of me or any of my fellows, and that being come, he do his best to the uttermost of his office and duty to tell, show, and declare, yield, give, and deliver to me the simple truth and nothing but the truth of all such things I shall ask, require, or demand of him, and also if he shall be stubborn and pertinent in contempt and not obedient to me, calling upon him by the mighty power of your and my God, that then you cause and enforce the same spirits, superiors, magistrates, and rulers, to punish, vex, trouble, molest, and torment him the said rebellious and contemning spirit, with all the hellish and unspeakable pains and languishings, and that if he be in joy, to diminish the same, and if he be in pain, to augment and multiply it, and also, O you most excellent, potent angels, I pray and beseech you to grant and yield unto me your + (?) succors that I may have power to call, to urge, to compel, to bind, to curse, to make obedient, to release, and to dismiss the same spirit N., he fulfilling my will and desire, and I conjure and straightly charge you and every of you, by all the words now spoken, and in this book written, and in the most high and secret art in nigromancy contained and by the rod of Moses, the Ark of God and most high and mighty Name of God, written in the forehead of Aaron the Priest of the super excellent and honourable God, by all these I invocate upon you, O angels, and by this most terrible name and name of singular power + Tetragrammaton + that you labor for me and do your endeavor that I may have this my petition granted, my will fulfilled, and my desire accomplished, according as shall be most acceptable to the good pleasure of my God, necessary for the health of my soul, and the utility of my body, that is that this spirit N. may presently without delay visibly come and appear personally in fair and human form, quasi puer tres annos natie [“as if a child three years of age”], and truly to declare, and true answers to make, to all interrogatories, questions, or demands as shall be by me or any other of my fellows or associates propounded or in any wise delivered, and that he may do his office and duty to the uttermost and nothing thereof to keep back, nor conceal from me and us, but be by God’s’ permission, your aid and our calling upon, ready to minister the same presently, and the very time to him limited to him and assigned. This grant Good Lord God who livest and reignest in glory sempiterne without beginning and without ending, now and forever, for thy dear son’s sake Jesus Christ, the everlasting and true word, the Immaculate Lamb, the saviour of mankind, and the most just judge, to whom together with the Holy Spirit sanctifier of all the elects, be praise and glory. Amen, Amen.

O Angeli supradicti, estote adiutores mee petitionis et [in] adiutorium mihi in meis rebus et petitionius. O vos Angeli omnes, adiuro contestor, per sedem Adonay, per Agios Otheos, Iskyros, Athanatos, Paracletos, Alpha, et Omega, et per hac tria nomina secreta + Agla + On + Tetragrammaton + quod hodie deb[e]atis, adimplere quod cupio. O angels spoken of before, be my helpers in these petitions, and help me in my affairs and petitions. O all you angels, I adjure and appeal to you, by the seat of Adonay, by Agios Otheos, Iskyros, Athanatos, Paraclete, Alpha and Omega, and by these three secret names + Agla + On + Tetragrammaton + that this day you might fulfill what I desire.

(The Book of Oberon, page 236-239. Red text and emphasis in original text.)

[7]O [N.], by all the words that I have spoken, and by the same virtue that thou didst come hither at this presence unto me, I command and charge thee to depart in peace, and rest with thy God, and be ready to come unto me another time when I shall call thee by the virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be all honour, power, and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

(Based on the Book of Oberon, page 400. Red text in original text.)

Here ends the theory.