Do Magick August ’18: Day 7 – Needfire

My day started before dawn and morning obligations went as expected. The little bottle of cedarwood oil smells brown (in a neutral way) until I hold the bottle close and take a deep scent of it. It takes time for all the fragrance notes to warm and be revealed when smelling it straight from the bottle. I have yet to actually place the oil on anything. I’m wary of the heavy scent.

I spoke the words that placed the summoning under the purview of the preceding Cyprian working then summoned [Patient Caller] with the final words of “Rede, rede, rede in pace”. I felt an impetus to close my eyes that I resisted with a sudden and fierce will.

I had felt the impetus, but I did not feel the spirit.

Remembering his observation that sight is a distraction to me, I did close my eyes but not to descend into a vision. I listened, I smelled, I felt, and I tasted for anything that I could use to connect with the spirit I summoned. Nothing.

I opened my eyes. The device’s chamber was perfectly normal. The illusion of being deeper and darker was not present. The spirit was not present.

I repeated the call from the beginning, but after speaking “pace”, I added the command of “[Patient Caller], come forth”. Immediately I felt a pressure come from the chamber and a strong pull on my face, centering around my eyes.

The scent of the cedarwood oil wrapped around my head and I found myself tasting the shade of green that I have associated with the spirit and the purple-tinged brown of cedar heartwood invoked by the uncapped oil bottle. I accepted the presence of the spirit and was granted an “alternate world” view of [Patient Caller] seated behind a table with his hands clasped before him.

I focused on his brightly glinting ring. “So. Tell me about the ring.”

A wave of smugness flowed from the shade of his form and ruined the taste of his colors. «Today is the seventh day. The end of the first week. Tell me again, why you have begun this endeavor, for I am old and have forgotten.»

“Old, yes. But forgetful? You’re fulla shit. However, I’ll grant you a point. I did not begin this month with intent of getting information about the ring. I summoned you with intent of learning how to get through the month and the months that follow after.”

«Wrong battery

He reminded me of an event last year where I was “plugged in” to a spiritual current that I thought was forever closed off to me. The consequences of that unpublished act continue to reverberate in my life today.

«[Should you have been left for dead?]»

I had no answer.

Unresolved guilt weakened my focus and I found myself pulled into a stupor again. The spirit watched silently from beyond the imaginary table without comment, instruction, or mocking. Once I realized I was in a stupor, I pulled myself back to full consciousness by what felt like an extreme force of will at the time, but in hindsight, merely felt like willing myself to wake up.

I gave the license to depart and closed the ritual.

Total time having my question about the ring dodged: 22 minutes.