Do Magick August ’18: Day 9 – So About That Ring

In preparing for the summoning of the spirit, I heard the echo of his voice expressing disdain for the use of the ultrasonic oil diffuser. If he had followed up his opinion with a command to get off his lawn, I would not have blinked an eye. Instead I noted a funky scent from the (barely month old) running diffuser and resolved to check the water chamber later.

My thoughts immediately went to the tealight-powered oil warmer I have but I’m not sure I want to potentially mix scents (frankincense followed by cedarwood) or have the stronger scents hanging around in the room for a longer time. I’ll have to think this one through and play tomorrow by ear.

Otherwise all proceeded according to plan until I started to speak “rede”. The hearing in my left ear ceased and a high pitched ringing overwhelmed my right ear. This sudden shift in hearing is something I actually had to deal with as a child and was told then that I just needed to take a daily multivitamin. I dealt with the shift the same way I did then. I ignored it and kept going.

Upon sensing a spirit’s presence, I closed my eyes and challenged it by silently making the gesture I had learned yesterday. [Patient Caller] returned the gesture as he fully appeared to my mind’s eye.

“So I guess this is a thing now.”

«You will use the gesture in other contexts later. But yes, this is a thing between us now.»

“So. Tell me about the ring.”

«Have you your prayers? What did you find?»

I pointed to where I “saw” him seated in accusation. “No, dammit! Yesterday you said you would speak about the ring. Follow through! I command you to speak about the ring, and to speak truthfully without deceit or guile! What are the symbols upon it?”

He clasped his hands and nodded slightly. He then opened his hands as if he were holding a large basin and began to speak regarding the symbols upon them. He revealed one of the meanings but refused to speak upon the other two. He pointed out my current obligations regarding Saint Cyprian would have a direct effect on the symbolism used for the ring and informed me that I should finish the cycle of obligations before seeking the manufacture of the ring.

«The ring is a mark of authority, after all. Yes, I desire for you to have it so that I may touch upon the physical world, but I am also aware that doing so will place myself literally in your hand. What symbols are engraved upon the ring, and what your understanding of those symbols are, will determine the reach you may aspire to and the reach you will actually have.»

Of course there’s layers to the mere act of possessing the ring. It’s never simple, is it.

“If the ring is that special, then why must it be worn in public? The last thing I want is for someone at work to recognize the ring as more than decoration and start asking questions I would have to lie in answer. It’s hard to keep track of lies, you know.”

He gave me a reason. I’m called bullshit. I admitted that I don’t have any prayers in mind yet, but did commit to finding something short and appropriate for the goal of strengthening my resolve (and my stubbornness).

The license to depart was given without incident.

Total time wondering what the hell have I gotten myself into: 11 minutes.