Do Magick December ’18: Day 11 – Working As Intended

I had forgotten all about the SATOR square seal today until my allotted time came for a Very Frustrating Board Meeting. A particular board member just doesn’t like me (gosh darnit) and I have often exited previous meetings fearing for my job.

As I collected my presentation papers well in advance of the meeting (Time Managed!) I realized that I had no fear of walking into the boardroom this time. Yea, sure, he could still make the threat (and the attempt) to have me “terminated” for no other reason than he doesn’t like me, but that fear wasn’t going to trip me up today.

So when he found something to nitpick about, it was a pleasure to let him blow out his own candle as I did not take the bait to his circular questioning. 

Tonight was supposed to be a triumph of time management, as several obligations and projects were scheduled to tie themselves in a very neat and pretty bow once I arrived at home. But the server hosting this blog fell over without warning and two hours later, I am finally regaining the ability to adult.

Automatic backups are good. Testing said backups are better. Storing the backups physically away from the source is best.

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