Do Magick December ’18: Day 16 – Recycled Goals

One of the consequences to yesterday’s unexpected obligation fulfillment wasn’t completely processed by my body until this morning. Fortunately, I had started getting up a little earlier for work to give myself time for Murphy’s Law a few extra things before leaving for work so I was able to get to work on time despite having to take my time.

I still wanted to add something to the mini-book even though I had no clear idea of what to work on. Towards the end of the day, I had half-settled on the idea of something regarding “Self-care” but acknowledged that the fact I couldn’t even define the need meant I would be unable to create or find a seal to help fulfill it.

I still use the gestured sigil created during the June 2018 challenge. Perhaps I can take one of those goals and turn it into a dedicated sigil. I’ll need to think this through with a more awake and aware head than I have now.

As the day comes to a close, I realize that I am too tired to think of new and novel ways to get into trouble. As I bring this update to an end, so too ends my day.

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