Do Magick December ’18: Day 29 – Home Work

I tried to be lazy! I really, really did! *whining intensifies* But I was up at sunrise anyway. It’s (not at all) funny how the time-management seal has exposed many more interconnected problems and deficiencies I have regarding something so simple and buzzwordy as “time management”.

Well, that’s why it’s called “Work”, right?

Based on my friend’s advice, I did relax my schedule some for the day. As the day went on, I realized I was still being overly demanding of myself. It’s an uncomfortable paradox to be in. For me to be more productive, I have to stop trying to do so much. Of the five “important tasks” I told myself had to be done today or else, the one that didn’t get done was nothing but indulgence and so, expendable.

I’m learning that self-care is anything but expendable.

Even though the challenge is officially over for me tomorrow, I still can’t help but look back at the month now and see how three sets of passive squiggles have unleashed so much uncertainty and chaos into my day. Though, really, it’s how those squiggles have made the already present uncertainty, bad decisions, and my personal responsibility in the causes and the corrections uncomfortably recognizable.

Thirty days ago, my plan was to burn the mini-book to ashes after the challenge was complete to rid myself of any undesired consequences that installed themselves. Now, I’ll be keeping the mini-book in my wallet while exploring Andrew Watt’s suggested companion to the time-management seal.

Tomorrow will be the last regular public report for the talismans as well as the last work day for the year. I better double down on coffee and shoal sigil activation because that just tempts all sorts of Murphy’s Laws and Corollaries.