Do Magick December ’18: Day 5 – Not To Scale

After yesterday’s post, a series of events unfolded overnight that put the talisman and my personal wards to the test. The results were that the talisman proved to be as effective against the unusual stressor as a paper stop sign would be at holding back a runaway freight train.

For all the events put me through, that was good to see. The talisman has limits. It’s a low-key, “always on” item. It’s not meant to be the first wrench in the tool kit. It’s the pretty on the keys that allows me to find my bearings on an otherwise calm day.

If anything, what happened was an object lesson in graduated responses, expectations, and why one should not assume that just because a door is “closed”, that something isn’t going to try to open it anyway.

The rest of the day was spent quietly catching up to overdue goals and without any further confrontation with any entity, corporeal or not.