Do Magick September ’17: Postscript

It has been a complete week since my last “by the book” summoning of [Patient Caller]. And as I expected, my table has since been flipped. While what happened during the bounds of ritual time were completely unexpected and personally shocking, the implications of what [Patient Caller] said along with the steps I had to take to secure the time and privacy for ritual shone a spotlight on something I had accepted for far too long.

All I am willing to discuss publicly is that my daughter and I have been living in a Not Good™ environment for far too long, and that it is past time for us to get out.

So we’re getting out.

In the week following the completion of the thirty days of ritual, I found my living environment changed. Nearly every one of my independent spiritual allies have kept their distance because the very house itself is no longer amenable to them. It is not the rituals themselves that made it hostile, but things the homeowner has done in the thirty days that I was distracted by the rituals. They will assist me in leaving, but they will not assist me if I remain.

Now that it has been made painfully clear why my living situation is an example of how to boil frogs, and that the simmering started long before I became aware and started to push back, I struggle to breathe when I walk in the door. Things are not so dire that my daughter and I have to pack our bags and sneak out in the middle of the night (as if that were even possible), but like how a healthy body will isolate and expel a piercing, so now I am unable to tolerate sitting in the midst of these conditions another day more.

It would be nice to talk about seeing spirits and how the Book of Oberon has been dropped into conversations around me in the strangest of places. It would be nice to pick up on my Cyprian bitchfest and discuss what happened that led me to asking about the spiritual significance of the Eucharist. I’m sure there is someone out there who knows what the colors of crimson and amber mean in Cyprianic lore, and I would love to listen to them expound for hours about it.

But that’s not where I am right now.

Right now, I’m calling [Patient Caller] through the Hierophant card to assist me with my search for better living conditions and the cover to allow my daughter and I to rescue ourselves, to lead my eyes to the right places, and my web searches to the right websites.

And trying to remember to breathe.

Oh, and I can suddenly wear all of my rings again. Which just amuses me to no end.

Go all now in peace.