Dream: A Little Math

Had a horrid dream last night. I had to workout a math equation in my head. The more I focused on it, the greater the surrounding darkness tried to stop me.

If I diverted my attention to defending myself, the numbers slipped away and I had to start over. I got to the point where I just went ahead with the math and if the Darkness destroyed me, oh well.

So I did the equation, arriving at a result, and converted that result to the proper format. And the Darkness fell upon me and ripped me bodily apart.

I woke up screaming. Was hard to go back to sleep.

The equation?
(108 * 4 * 2)/60
The answer is in decimal minutes. Convert to min:sec for complete answer.

I know what the numbers refer to in the mundane. I wonder if they have an esoteric importance as well.

And yes, my math in the dream was correct.