Dream Journal: 2014-11-15.02

I closed my eyes for five hot seconds…

I’m watching myself going through some motions in the bathroom. I have a travel-size spray bottle half filled with water. I’m holding it over the bathroom sink, also filled with water. On the counter is a box of matches, a fresh basil leaf, and a bottle of high-proof clear liquor.

I take the top off the spray bottle and set it to the side. I strike a match and let the head fully burn until only the wood of the match is inflamed. Quickly I douse the burning fag into the spray bottle. I want to smack myself upside the head for using a plastic bottle for this as there is a slim chance of the heat of the match burning a pinhole in the bottle. But now I realize why I was doing this over a filled sink. Safety first or some shit like that.

The soaked and spent match is withdrawn and thrown away. I stuff the basil leaf in the bottle, and top it off with the high-proof liquor. (Probably Everclear.) I cap the spray bottle, shake it up a bit, and test it by spraying my hands.

Do-it-yourself hand sanitizer? No. Khernips. (See also: Polyphanes.)

I completely forgot that I was having a flash vision until both Keri the Observer and Keri the Doer looked up into the bathroom mirror. [The Lord of the Sun] and [The Lord of the Moon] were on the other side of the glass.

Keri the Doer said nothing.

Keri the Observer bitched profusely and dared the two to make it absolutely clear if this process was required. This shit is getting quite complicated and I am not going to be spending any more money than absolutely necessary.

The two lords said nothing.

Keri the Doer pocketed the small spray bottle and turned off the light bringing the flash vision to an end.

I blinked as I returned from the daze. Maybe only a minute had passed.