Dream Journal: 2017-05-31.01

The ceiling split and crumbled away in defiance of gravity as the light solidified and fell as dust on my waking face. I mumbled something akin to “da fuq” as a figure shrouded with the darkness that scares underbed monsters descended to hover over me.

It lifted its face revealing a time stained skull devoid of any flesh and yet from the cavernous dry sockets came some sensation of observation.

Its lower jaw fell away and thick ropes of vicious animated shadows sprung out from the depths under the shroud to engulf my head.

It licked my ears.


It laughed.

“You know, most ascended beings say fucking hello when stopping by.”

It shrugged. And laughed again.

“Yea, fuck you, too. Staying a bit or stopping by?’

It waved. Without sound I heard it apologize for not remaining further but both it and I have duties to attend to.

As it left and my room reassembled itself into reality again, I thought it was Socheniel, but realized all the wrong tells. I really was not sure who or what had just wet willy’d me, but I was comforted in being remembered all the same.

My ears are going to feel icky all day though. No amount of washing has made the feeling of being slimed go away.